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About our Bath Towels

The Zen Bathroom

It goes without saying that whether due to work, college, school or just the daily toil, we all experience stress and anxiety at times. Zen Bedrooms aren’t on a mission to conquer this fact of life – we recognize that that would be punching above our weight - but we do hope to be able to bring peace and tranquility into certain sections of our customers’ lives. We began by simply selling mattresses, hoping to end the stress and confusion of dealing with the dominant and faceless mattress corporations, and deliver a more personal and relaxing service. It was therefore appropriate that we were in the business of mattresses, as we believe that deep and regular sleep is one of the best ways to keep our stress levels down and get the most out of our waking hours.

As well as believing that the bedroom can be a sanctuary, we also believe that our bathrooms do not have to be merely functional rooms. Instead, we believe that bathrooms fitted with the right accoutrements can also become places of relaxation and rejuvenation. The bathroom towels we offer at Zen Bedrooms are part of that vision. These towels aren’t just functional, but they are beautifully manufactured to ensure that you will look forward to using them, and they will look stylish and pretty when not in use but sitting on a shelf or hanging on a towel rack. Towels don’t have to be boring and scratchy but can be luxurious, bright and beautiful. As it has been from the beginning with our mattresses, we want the process of researching and buying bathroom towels to be enjoyable and stress-free. And of course, we hope that our bath towels will only be the first step in making your bathroom as Zen as your bedroom.

Our Towels

At Zen Bedrooms we offer two types of bath towels. The first is our Natural Bamboo and Zero Twist Cotton Towel. Made out of 65% zero twist cotton and 35% natural bamboo, this towel is not only a pleasure to wrap yourself in but is also hypoallergenic and therefore great for those who suffer from allergies or who have sensitive skin. The bamboo fibers in this towel are antimicrobial which means that it kills microorganisms or inhibits their growth. This means that there is no need to inject the towel with pesticides. The cotton in the bath towel is what gives the bath towels its breathable and absorbent quality. In addition to this, this towel will only get softer the more times you wash it.

Our Luxury 7 Piece Egyptian Cotton Towel Set uses the finest cotton to create the greatest comfort. We have ten colors on offer so you are able to choose those which are the best towels for the aesthetic and coloring of your bathroom. These towels are plush and durable in a satin ribbon weave and like our other towels they will only get softer the more you use them.

The Zen Way

These bathroom towels are just part of our wide collection of products at Zen Bedrooms. As with all our other products, these have been created after extensive research and testing and consultation with experts and customers alike. These bath towels have either been developed solely by us or personally handpicked by us. When possible we avoid all cheap imports and attempt to source as much of the materials used as possible from within the United States. Not only do we want to make the best towels but we also want to make them in the most sustainable way.

The satisfied reviews of our customers - a selection of which you can view above - are incredibly important to us. As mentioned, we want your experience shopping with Zen Bedrooms to be simple and hassle-free. Once your order has been shipped, you will be given a tracking number allowing you to follow the progress of your towels to your bathroom. If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with the product upon arrival, we offer a simple 7-day return policy completely free of charge. At Zen Bedrooms, we want researching and buying bedroom and bathroom furniture and products to be as peaceful as the best night’s sleep, and as tranquil as an aromatic bubble bath.