Are your products really made in the UK?
Yes, all our memory foam products are fully manufactured in the UK. From the processes that create the foams, to the construction of the mattress, mattress toppers and pillows. Rest assured we do not sell cheap imports, we only sell locally made quality product.

Do your memory foam mattresses really fit into a such a small box?
Yes. Our state of the art manufacturing process allows us to compress and vacuum pack our memory foam mattresses before folding and rolling into a compact package that we then box. This provides many benefits – ease of maneuverability and transportation for us and our customers, and most importantly cheaper delivery costs. Once opened, the products will expand before your eyes.

Do you have a shop/store where I can try the products?
Zen Bedrooms is an online business only. However we have a large and satisfied customer base that regularly post their views and comments on our website and facebook page. Every product has the reviews posted at the bottom of the page, or you can visit our Facebook page here to see reviews on our products from customers all over the world.

Do your memory foam products contain formaldehyde, cfc's, pbde's and other carcinogens?
No, all our foam products are produced in the UK. We do not use low grade imported foam. Our foam is top of the range bedding grade material with no PBDE's or other dangerous chemicals.

How does delivery work?
Delivery on our larger products eg beds & mattresses, is up to 4 weeks but we will always try to deliver much faster. Once you have made an order you will receive an automatic order confirmation. Next, you will receive an email informing you that your order is “preparing”; this means that your order has been manufactured and is being transported from our manufacturing facility to our fulfillment centre ready for delivery.
Once your order has been labeled and a delivery tracking number has been assigned we will email you again informing you that your order has been dispatched and to provide you with your tracking number.

How long can I leave the mattress rolled in its packaging?
We recommend a maximum of 3 months to avoid potentially losing the structure of the mattress.

Can I use a heated pad with your memory foam products?
No. Memory Foam is temperature and pressure sensitive. While using a heated pad will not damage the mattress, it might have an effect on the properties of the foam, which might lead to benefits of the memory foam experience being reduced. We do not recommend using a heated pad.

Do I need a box spring or special type of bed frame with your memory foam mattresses?
No, our memory foam mattresses do not need a box spring, however one can be used. Any normal bed frame or box spring is suitable, you can even place your new mattress directly on the floor!